How Payday Loans Can Help During a Financial Emergency

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There are moments in life when unexpected events take place. You rejoice when they are enjoyable, but what about those moments that take you and your wallet by surprise? Planning for the unexpected can prove difficult sometimes when it is simply that – unexpected. And if that unanticipated event involves your finances, how do you handle it?

Imagine that you are at your son's baseball game. It is the last inning, and your team is only two runs away from winning. Your son is up to bat. He hits the ball to the outfield. If he can make it to home plate, the game will be tied. Then it will be up to the next player to place a run on the board or go into an extra inning. He rounds first, then second. Defense is tossing the ball in, and it is a race to third. The third baseman catches the ball and drops low, ready to tag your son. The crowd is yelling, “Slide!” So, he does. He slides right into the third baseman's glove and ball. You hear a crack, and you try to figure out where the sound came from. Then you realize it was from your son’s head.

The third baseman steps back, and you see your son lying on the ground motionless. The coaches run on the field to your son's aid. He isn’t able to get up due to the pain. Immediately, you see his face is swelling to the size of a soccer ball. You know before you can even see the damage that he needs to get to the hospital immediately.

Once at the hospital, your son has been sedated. He’s already had an x-ray of his skull, but the doctor comes in and tells you that he needs to have an MRI done. Your stomach twists in knots, terrified of why they need to do the extra testing.

After the doctor leaves, the financial team comes in. “Ma’am, are you aware that your insurance has lapsed?”

The word lapsed confuses you, and you try to recall how it could have lapsed. Then it hits you. Your husband changed jobs just last month, and you are waiting for two more months before you are eligible for insurance again. You shake your head. You are wondering how much this visit is going to cost. The woman holding the clipboard looks at you with pity, and you swallow hard. How could this have happened? She exits the room. You will be seeing her again when the visit is over. You will be whisked into her little corner of the hospital, and there she will inform you of the options that you have so that the hospital can get paid.

The doctor returns and tells you everything your son will need to make a full recovery. You turn and look at your boy. He is not as little as he once was. He has grown so much. And, no matter what, you are going to give him the best possible healthcare – the cost is no object when it comes to your son. How you will pay, you do not know. Your bank account, you know, is almost depleted. Your savings account became non-existent months ago. You look in your wallet and realize that your credit cards have been maxed out. Due to late payments and your credit utilization, you know you could not possibly get approved for a loan. Could you call your parents? No. They are struggling right now, and the last thing you want to do is make their struggle worse. Then like a light in the darkness, you see hope at the end of the tunnel. You remember not too long ago, a friend was struggling and needed a little help. She had issues with her credit, but she managed to be approved for a cash advance. Maybe, just maybe, they could help.

Life can take an unexpected turn anywhere, or in this case, a curveball coming out of left field. No one plans to go to the emergency room, and no one plans to have medical bills pile up in one visit. understands that sometimes bad things happen to good people. They understand that when most lenders turn their back, payday will be there to help.

Whether it be an unexpected bill, car repair, or an emergency room cost, you never know when life will add extra expenses. Just planning for misfortune sometimes is not enough, no matter how well we plan. We find our shoulders tense with stress as we worry about how we are going to come up with the financial solution. However, it does not have to be this way.

Some people see that the only option they have is pawning their car title for quick cash or pawning their family heirlooms, wondering if they will ever see them again. These people do not realize that they have a better option: cash advances. is there to help those who find themselves tangled up in the web of life. There is no collateral needed. In most cases, can approve your application and have up to $600 sitting in your bank account within 24 hours. Applying online is quick and easy, not to mention much more convenient than driving to the nearest storefront payday lender. After applying and being pre-approved, you will receive a phone call within just a few minutes to verify your information and process the loan. After approval, the staff is there to help you get back on your feet.  They will send payment reminders before the payment is due and they will always work with you if you need more time to pay. If you have a bank account and a job, then what is stopping you from attaining your financial stress relief? Apply today with a lender that cares.

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