Customer Incentives & Holiday Promotions values our customers and we reward them throughout the year by offering special incentives and promotions to show them our appreciation.  As a loyal customer here are some of the ways we thank you for your business:


Birthday Bonuses – During the entire month of your birthday, if you apply for a renewal and are approved you will receive a $50 cash bonus.  Getting your birthday bonus is really easy – just monitor your email for the birthday promotion, click the link within the email to submit your application and you will receive the bonus in your checking account at the same time your loan is funded.  This is our way to wish you a very Happy Birthday and give you a little extra spending money for your special day!

Who is Eligible:     Returning customers who have successfully paid off all previous advances
Minimum Loan Amount: $300
Reward Amount:     $50 per customer, per year
When Is It Offered:     

Every month


Customer Survey Drawings – In an effort to continuously ensure that our customers have a positive experience, we periodically ask them to participate in customer feedback surveys.  These surveys provide an easy way for our clients to rate our products, customer service, and their overall experience.  Customers who participate in the survey can also be included in a drawing, which awards a $75 cash prize to three randomly selected participants.

Who is Eligible:       All current and previous customers of
Minimum Loan Amount:  n/a
Reward Amount:     $75 per winner
When Is It Offered: Every 12 to 18 months 

Holiday Promotions - Christmas is one of the most expensive holidays of the year, but a payday advance from can be the perfect financial solution during this holiday season. Our service can be used to help cover expenses such as purchasing Christmas gifts, hosting a holiday party, or just to cover some unexpected bills. An advance from can be a convenient option for anyone who is strapped for cash but still wants to spread some holiday cheer.

Previous customers with good account history are eligible for a cash bonus ranging from $25 to $75 when they renew.  This offer is advertised via email and text messages (if you have opted to receive text notifications from To redeem the bonus you must apply using the link provided within the email.  Once your renewal is approved, your bonus will be deposited at the same time as your advance.

Who is Eligible:       Returning customers who have successfully paid off all previous advances
Minimum Loan Amount:  $300
Reward Amount:     $25 to $75 per approved renewal, per promotion period
When Is It Offered: Every holiday season