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With no traditional credit check required and same-day cash deposits available, there are a number of reasons you should choose a short-term loan from instead of looking for “Installment loans near me.” Find out more below!

What’s the Difference Between Installment Loans near Me and Payday Loans near Me?

Online installment loans are usually larger loans which are intended to be repaid in a specific loan term – often 3, 6, 9, or 12 months, but sometimes over multiple years. They’re larger and more difficult to get, compared to payday loans.

In contrast, a payday loan is usually meant to cover short-term emergency expenses and be repaid within 2-4 weeks. Payday loans are usually easier to get, compared to installment loans, but you can’t get quite as much money.

Why Choose a Payday Loan from over Installment Loans near Me?

You may be wondering – “Is an installment loan near me a good way to get emergency cash?” While the answer depends on your situation, payday loans are usually a much better choice – for the following reasons.

✓ Payday loans require no traditional credit check – Most installment loans require a credit check, and you may be denied if you have bad credit. Payday loans, however, do not require traditional credit checks, allowing you to get the emergency cash that you need even if you have a sub-par credit score.

✓ You can get a payday loan in just one day – Because installment loans are often made for thousands of dollars, it may take a while to apply and get approved for a loan. It could take days, or even weeks depending on your lender. In contrast, you can get a payday loan from in just a few hours, without any complicated forms or paperwork.

✓ You’ll owe money for a shorter time – While you will pay a higher interest rate with a payday loan, you’ll only owe money for a few weeks, and you can quickly repay your loan – freeing up money in your budget for other things. In contrast, an installment loan will require you to make regular, monthly payments for up to a year – or even longer.

✓ You can apply online – When looking for installment loans near me, you may have to travel to multiple banks in person to apply. But with, you can quickly apply online with our simple, step-by-step forms, and get the cash you need from the comfort of your own home.

For these reasons and many more, it may be a good idea to choose an online payday loan for emergency cash – you can get your cash faster, with instant approval from

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