We love our customers and apparently the feeling is mutual. Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

"It’s extremely convenient and very subtle. When I paid off I wasn't bombarded with daily renewal requests. And when I needed to use the service again it was quick, easy and didn't make me feel ashamed of getting a payday loan. If I had questions they were answered quickly and efficiently. I was also able to leave messages and have things done without having to callduring specific customer service hours only. Overall it’s so quick, easy and efficient, Thank you so much." -Mariana

"Simple and fast. Not a lot of phone time needed." -Jeffrey

"Your service is fast and straight forward without hidden fees." -Gina

"Quick process for returning customers. And you can get a loan increase if you have available credit." -Michelle

"It's online with no faxing required. Not everyone is able to get to a fax machine so this really helps." -Cooper

"It was there when I was in desperate need, with little hassle and quickly deposited to my checking account!" -Makayla

"Easy, fast and consistent. I like that I can pay a minimum amount when needed and can pay the entire amount off without any pressure of feeling rushed to do so." -Jada

"The thing I like most about mypaydayloan.com is that the customer service representatives are always pleasant and answer all my questions at ease." -Terry

"Your service was very efficient and expeditious. I was saved in an emergency situation and I am forever grateful for your staff's diligence. Thank you tremendously My Payday Loan service." -Joyce

"I love the online availability and the customer service is great!" -Rosalyn

"I have used multiple payday loan organizations and yours is one of the best. The cost is fantastic and ease of use of the website is great. Your team answers email inquiries pretty quickly and I definitely appreciate that very much." -Toniqua

"It's convenient and easy, no hassles and excellent customer service." -Pauletta




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