4 Tips to Make Budgeting Easy

4 Tips to Make Budgeting Easy

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How to make budgeting easy? 

Budgeting is something everyone needs to do, and it’s easy. The first step is to make a list of all the things you spend money on each month. Once you have that list, look at what you are spending your money on and see if there are ways to save some extra cash. If you feel like your budgeting is a mess and can’t figure out where to even start, we understand.

Life is expensive these days and it’s easy to blow through money without realizing it. However, there are ways that you can take control of your finances and set up a system that will keep those pesky overspending thoughts away: 

1. Automate your savings

The easiest way to build up your savings is to automate them! By doing this, you’ll never even see the money and it will go straight into savings before you can spend it. You should set automatic transfers from your checking account each month for a certain amount of money that goes directly into your savings account. Try doing this on payday so you have a set amount going out every month and don’t even think about it! 

2. Automate your bills

This tip is great for those that tend to forget to pay bills or just don’t have the time to do it each month. You can have your bank send out your bills for you so they automatically go out as soon as your checking account balance reaches a certain amount. You can set this up so the bank sends out bills early in the month and don’t forget that it’s coming due! 

3. Simplify your budget

If your budget feels like a mess because you have too many categories, try to simplify it. Instead of listing different things, break down your budget by categories like housing, transportation, food and entertainment. This way you have a set amount to spend on certain things each month without having to worry about forgetting or trying to remember what you spent last time on groceries! 

Decide what your priorities are and then choose a budget that reflects those goals. If you love going out to dinner or going on vacations, don’t eliminate those things from the monthly budget just because other people say they’re not necessities. Maybe it’s more important to you to own a home one day, so build saving for a down payment into the budget along with a plan to pay off debts. 

4. Track your spending

You should create an excel spreadsheet to track your spending for a month. This is great because you can see how much money you are spending each week on certain things and then adjust accordingly. You’ll be able to keep better track of what you are spending your money on, which will ultimately help your budgeting skills! 

Additional Tips

  • Pay off debts

Cut yourself some slack but stay the course.  If you’re working to change your financial habits, give yourself time to adjust and remember that it won’t happen overnight. Paying down debt is a slow process so setting small milestones to celebrate along the way will help keep you motivated. 

Paying off debt is important to budgeting because it helps you start saving money each month right away. Once a debt is paid off, stick the extra cash into savings every month to really make a difference in how much you are saving over time. Then work on the next day using the same method. 

Paying down debts is paying yourself first. Paying off your debt is like starting a retirement fund, but it doesn’t take 40 years to start saving. Anyone looking to improve their finances, especially those with a bit of a messy budget, can benefit from these tips! Just follow them and you’ll see how easy it is to save your hard-earned money. 

  • Way to get cash fast

Building a savings account takes time and sometimes some may still find themselves experiencing unexpected expenses like car repairs, medical expenses, and other emergency expenses. Although you are working hard to create a viable savings account to cover these expenses you could still come up short from time to time. 

Many people find themselves in a financial situation where they need cash quickly but due to their limited budget and the lack of a savings account as well as possibly credit concerns it can be difficult to find the funds needed to cover their finances at the time. 

This is when a payday loan or also known as a cash advance may be able to help.  Since this is a short-term loan and is meant to be repayable in two to four weeks it will not defeat your work at getting out of debt.  It will simply allow you to cover these expenses and repay by using your next paycheck. 

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