At, we pride ourselves on getting you the money you need – fast! Whether it’s for a medical emergency, and unexpected trip, or just because you need some extra cash on hand, our payday loans direct lender is here to help!

Because we’re a direct lender for fast payday loans online, we cut out the middlemen. You don’t have to deal with multiple companies to get your cash advance, and you can get your money quickly and easily. If you are looking for "payday loans near me", don't waste your time and try our completely online application process.

What Is A Payday Loans Direct Lender?

Online payday loans providers like are direct lenders. This means that, from beginning to end, you only have to deal with our company when getting small cash advance loans. We lend our own money to our customers – not money from any third-party agencies or banks. This streamlines the lending process and allows you to get your money more quickly.

In contrast, many traditional payday loan companies use indirect lending. They must partner with a lender to get funding for your loan – essentially only acting as a middle-man.

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If you use traditional pay day loans companies, you may have to deal with multiple companies to get your money. This means it can be very confusing to understand which company you must repay – and that your lending terms can vary dramatically after each time you apply for a check advance online.

Why Use A Payday Loans Direct Lender?

Still not sure if you need to use a payday loan direct lender like Here are a few reasons you should think about using our services over competing indirect lenders!

  • Simpler repayment – Repaying your loan from is incredibly simple. You’ll only ever pay our company; never any third-party lenders or other creditors. By offering simple repayment, we make it easy for you to pay what you owe.
  • Faster loan issuing process – When your information bounces between several third-party companies, this results in a long, drawn-out lending process. You need your money now – not in a week. Because we issue all of our loans ourselves, we can offer you faster payment, often within a day of your loan application.
  • Protect your personal information – Identity theft is more common than ever, so it’s a good idea to keep your personal information to yourself. With a traditional cash advance lender, your personal information may be distributed to multiple other companies, increasing your risk of identity theft. This is not the case with We protect you and your personal data.
  • Better customer service – If you have a question, just get in touch with us! Because we’re responsible for everyect of issuing, processing, and managing your cash advance loan, our customer support team is always here to help you. 

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Because we’re a payday loan direct lender, makes it incredibly simple to get instant payday loans. With our online application process, you can get started in less than 5 minutes! Just give us some basic information about yourself and your lending needs, and we can present you with a number of different loan options.

So don’t deal with the hassle of a traditional payday loans lender. is the #1 online payday loans direct lender – so get started today, and get the money you need! Learn more about Internet Payday Loans.


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