6 Tips to Deal with a Cash Shortage

6 Tips to Deal with a Cash Shortage

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Whether it’s a rainy day or an unexpected expense, we all have had to deal with the cash shortage at one point or another. Payday is something we look forward to, but if you’re not careful your bank account might find itself in hot water by month’s end due to daily living costs and monthly debt payments, especially since most people don’t have enough savings.

Other factors could also cause financial problems. Maybe you have an unexpected medical bill or repair bill, or perhaps you are just having a hard time keeping track of your expenses. This is a very common problem.  According to research, sixty-one percent of Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck every single month.

Avoiding the near-term unpleasantness that comes with a cash shortage is worth every effort. Here are six ways you can get emergency money fast and avoid those last-minute headaches!

1. Do you have unwanted items you can sell for cash?

Sell unwanted items from your home to make extra cash. You’d be surprised at how much you could make selling unwanted items on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. eBay is another great option. However, it takes more time to make money if your items are not sold to people.  A garage sale is a great option if you are not tech-savvy and don’t want to spend time listing all your items. You can gather your items outside of your home and negotiate great deals.

2. How much money can you get if you pawn your valuables?

A pawnshop is a great option for quick money when financial times are difficult. These items could provide a temporary financial lifeline if you have valuables like jewelry or electronic devices. This is how a loan from a Pawnshop works. Pawnbrokers can lend money against collateral, which means they will secure the loan against a particular item or group of items. The pawnbroker may offer money if you have jewelry, they want to loan you. The item will then be held by the pawnbroker while you pay the loan back. 

We recommend that you only sell pawnable items that you are sure you won’t lose. You should consider removing family heirlooms or other sentimental items from the equation. To get the best price on your item, shop around in your local pawnshops. Do some research about your items so you know what to expect.

3. Get a payday loan

If you require quick cash, payday loans may be an option. These loans can be repaid quickly and are often paid out on the same day. In most cases, there is no traditional credit check required. Payday loans can be a short-term loan solution for those who need cash quickly, up to $1,000. Payday loans are easy to apply for in just minutes.

Payday loans are typically repaid by your next payday. You can use the money to pay for repairs, household expenses, or almost any unexpected expense. You must understand the fees and interest rates associated with payday loans before taking out one. You could end up with a lot of debt if your loan is not repaid on time.

Because the loan acceptance criteria are easier than with other borrowing options, many borrowers prefer this type of loan. Payday lenders will usually lend to borrowers who have low incomes and poor credit histories. Payday loans may be available for those who don’t meet the lending requirements of banks or other financial institutions.

4. You could ask friends and family to lend you some money

Is there a good friend, family member, or acquaintance who can lend you money? This is an ideal solution because it does not require credit checks, pays little interest, and allows for flexible repayment. There are some disadvantages to this type of loan. First, you could embarrass your family and friends by making your situation public. You could endanger important relationships if the loan is not repaid. It is always a good idea for you to have a signed agreement between yourself and the other person so that you both know where your stand.

5. What is the best way to get a cash advance on your credit card?

As a quick way to get some cash, you might consider a cash advance for your credit card. You should not use this option unless you need it. Credit cards can have very high fees and interest rates. A fee will be charged when a cash advance is granted. Then, interest will be charged on the borrowed amount. A cash advance may also affect your credit rating if you are approaching the limit on your credit card. You won’t have to go through a credit check if you already have a card, and certain accounts allow you to write checks to yourself or others.

6. Have emergency cash deposited to your bank account today

We can provide an emergency loan to get you out of cash shortage and urgent money needs. Payday loans can be approved quickly and are paid out in a matter of hours. The money could be in your account by the next business day or less. Don’t go anywhere else without checking out Mypaydayloan.com borrowing alternatives. Our team is always available and ready to help you get the money that you need quickly without traditional credit checks.