cash advance loans

Cash advance loans can be useful if you need quick access to emergency funds. However, managing your cash advance properly is essential for avoiding late fees and other problems when repaying your loan. So in this guide, we’ve put together a few handy tips and recommendations for managing cash advance loans.

1. Make Sure to Submit Your Payment Request on Time

First, we highly recommend that you set up your payment request on time. Forgetting to set up a payment request is one of the most common reasons that customers who get cash advance loans fail to repay on time.

So that you don’t forget, we recommend setting your payment request up as early as possible. You can choose the date that you want your loan repayment to be taken out of your account. So as soon as you have enough cash to repay, just log onto and submit your payment request. Then, you won’t have to worry about late fees and other penalties for non-payment of your cash advance loan.

2. Only Use Cash Advance Loans for Emergencies

Cash advance loans can be useful when you need access to short-term cash, but they can be a very expensive way to borrow money. So, we highly recommend that you only take out cash advance loans from for serious emergencies.

For example, if your car breaks down and you need cash to fix it and get to work so you can keep your job, a payday loan makes sense. Or, if you need to cover an unexpectedly high utility bill, you may want to take out a cash advance.

But you should never take out a cash advance to buy consumer goods like electronics, buy gifts for others, take a vacation, or for any other non-essential purpose. Doing so could lead to further financial problems due to the relatively high cost of taking out cash advance loans.

3. Consider a Loan Renewal or Increase If You Need It

At, we offer both loan increases and renewals for our customers.

A loan increase lets you borrow more money on top of your previous loan if you were qualified for a higher amount during the approval process. You can learn more about the requirements of a loan increase here. This service is only available to existing customers in good standing.

A loan renewal allows you to quickly borrow money again after paying off your previous cash advance. Note that you must wait 5-6 days after repaying a loan to apply for a renewal. You can learn more about this process here.

Follow These Tips to Manage Your Online Cash Advances More Wisely

By taking out cash advances only in emergencies, repaying on time, and getting more cash or another loan when you need it, you can take control of your finances while borrowing money from Need cash fast? Apply today for one of our online cash advances!