Money Saving Tips for Your Child’s Birthday Party

Money Saving Tips for Your Child's Birthday Party

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Planning your child’s next birthday party can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to break the bank! there are lots of money-saving tips that will help you out. A birthday is a time when you want everything to be perfect. While it may be hard to have your cake and eat it too, there are ways that you can plan the perfect birthday party on any budget.

There are plenty of money-saving tips in this article that will help make sure both things happen without costing an arm and leg!

How to budget for a Birthday Party?

Many people overspend on their children’s birthdays because they think that more expensive gifts will make them happy. This is false. If kids realized all the thousands of dollars parents spend per year on them, they would probably faint! The most important part of planning any birthday party is to set a budget and stick with it. Have a realistic estimate of how much you want to spend on gifts, decorations, food, and entertainment. 

If your child’s birthday falls in the middle of the week or during the school holidays, then they will be expecting their friends to chip in towards the cost of the party. That way, both you and your child will know exactly what is expected from them before they decide who to invite and how much money each parent should contribute towards hosting the party at home or elsewhere. Budgeting for birthdays doesn’t have to be difficult when you plan.

Here are some ideas on where to cut costs: 

1. Cheap kid party ideas

There are plenty of theme parties that require almost no decorations like “Luau” (Hawaii), “Teddy Bear Picnic” (just teddy bears and picnic items), or “Beach Party” (sand, ocean theme, beach ball). Even young children can enjoy a themed party! 

2. Money-saving tips to maximize your budget!

Decorations on a budget don’t have to be boring. When decorating your house for the birthday party try mixing some cut-out pictures of balloons, hats, animals, or cartoon characters. You can even cut out circles from construction paper and glue them together to form a garland. Add some streamers made from crepe paper and you’re done! No one will know that you had no money to spend on decorations if it looks good enough. Throw in some brightly colored tableware with matching napkins and plates, too. 

3. Budget Entertainment

Kids love to play with each other so don’t feel obligated to hire a clown or magician to perform at the party. Younger kids will have just as much fun catching balloons, playing past the parcel, or pinning the tail on the donkey. For older kids, you can always rent some board games for them to play inside. Make sure that you also have plenty of snacks available for them because it might be hard for everyone else to keep up with their munching! 

4. How to fund your child’s next Birthday Party?

Today’s economic times have left people living paycheck to paycheck and even with the best of budgets it is difficult to give our children a great birthday due to lack of funds. If you find yourself in need of cash to fund a birthday party or an emergency expense, there are options available even for those that may not have the best credit scores. 

Payday loans can be an option to give your child a great birthday party even when you are short of cash until your next payday.

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