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Payday Loans Near Me and Online Alternatives


Payday Loans Near MeBack in August, I hit a couple of milestones, one professional and one personal. On the professional front, I began a new job in a town about 40 miles from where I lived at the time, and on the personal side, I turned 30 years old. Believe me, both can be pretty scary endeavors. Fortunately, I quickly became too busy in my new position to have much time to worry about either. What I did worry about was the long commute I was taking every day.

I soon began feeling the pinch of the extra gasoline and basic maintenance costs of putting the increased mileage on my car. My plan was to move closer to my new job to help curb these costs (and take back the hour and a half of my day I spent commuting), but I still had a couple of months left on my apartment lease, so I knew I would have to stretch my finances until I could finally move to a less expensive place closer to work.

Unfortunately, it always seems like it is at the times when your financial situation is the least flexible that an emergency crops up. For me, it came in the form of a blown transmission – not a cheap fix. Because I was living such a distance from my job, having a working car was vital to my livelihood. But I didn’t know how I would scrape together enough to pay for the $1,100 car repair with sub-par credit and no credit card, especially with my next paycheck two weeks away, and I thought, at 30, I was a little too old/embarrassed to turn to my parents or friends for a loan. I decided to look to places that provide payday loans near me as I had seen a few stores open up in the month’s prior.

With my car at the mechanic, I had my friend drive to one of those new payday stores near me to see if I could get the cash advance I needed to help cover the cost of the repair. While I was eventually able to get the funds with no credit check, there was very little that was pleasant or easy about the experience. First, came the inconvenience to my friend that I had to ask for a ride, not to mention the added expense of paying for gas to get there. Second, there were only two employees in the store, meaning I had to wait for the five or six customers in front of me to go through the process before I could even begin. Finally, not only were the employees in the payday loan store not well trained, they were flat out rude. You would think that they would understand someone looking for a payday loan is usually in a bad spot already, and dealing with terrible and unprofessional customer service is the last thing I, or anyone, would want.

Fortunately, after the long and drawn out process, I was able to get the cash advance I needed and get my repaired car back from the mechanic. I was left wondering if it was really worth dealing with all of the hassles of going to the store offering payday loans near me, or if I should look for other options if I am ever in a tight spot in the future.

Since my car repair, I had been searching for a new apartment closer to my office. About a month ago I found the perfect place. The only problem was the landlord wanted first and last month’s rent along with a deposit. I had been putting money aside for just this occurrence, but I was about $800 short. I didn’t want to wait until my next payday in a couple of weeks away to put the money down because I knew someone else would snatch up the apartment before I had a chance.

I thought back on my experience when I went to one of the stores that offered payday loans near me when I needed help paying for my car repair, but instantly reminded myself that I did not want to deal with the headaches of getting a cash advance from one of the direct lenders in my town. As I was weighing my options, it still seemed the best choice for me was going to be a payday loan, but rather than going to a store that offered payday loans near me, I decided to do more research to see if there were better alternatives.

What I discovered was a wide array of direct lenders that offered safe online payday loans. After reading through a couple of sites, I realized that all the hassle I had gone through at the payday loan store near me could be avoided if I apply for a payday loan online.

Once I decided on Mypaydayloan.com, I was relieved that I would be able to get a cash advance with no credit check, and everything could be done online on my computer or even my smartphone. This means I didn’t have to waste time or gas driving across town to one of those payday loan stores near me just to wait in line and be treated rudely. I was able to apply for a safe online payday loan with no faxing required, and my cash advance was available for same day deposit once I was approved.

I cannot express enough how different and better the experience of getting a payday loan online was over going than going to a store offering payday loans near me. Anytime I had to interact with a customer service representative, I was treated with respect and professionalism, and told to call or email if I had absolutely any questions or concerns.

Now, I am in my new place and saving money on gas and rent. I plan to start saving money towards my future, but if I ever find myself in a difficult financial situation again, I know that Mypaydayloan.com will be there to help!